People are dressing up as millennial mass murderers this Halloween — here are all the industries the generation is killing

Sergei Grits/AP Images People are creating “millennial murderer” costumes this Halloween.  The costumes draw inspiration from headlines that claim “millennials are killing” countless industries. Millennials have been blamed for endangering industries from cereal to department stores to casual dining chains like Buffalo Wild Wings.    Millennials are killing dozens of …


Meth Found Among Halloween Candy After Child Goes Trick-or-Treating

Tribal police at a Wisconsin reservation are investigating the matter.


Plane caught in gust of wind makes intense 'touch and go' landing

A windstorm in central Europe made for a scary situation for a plane attempting to land in Salzburg, Austria, on Sunday. SEE ALSO: Scared of flying? For the love of God, don't watch this video. The Enter Air plane from Frankfurt, Germany, made a "touch and go" landing as seen …

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Evolving Economics of Bitcoin, Gold, Currencies

An inherent tension exists between the two major purposes of money.  Currencies that are perceived as great stores of value, such as gold and bitcoin, make for poor mediums of exchange.  By contrast, currencies that are effective mediums of exchange, such as fiat currencies used the world over, can make …