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American homes are more affordable than they’ve been in 40 years — but that could change sooner than you think

Buying a home in America is the most affordable it’s been since 1980, according to new data from Trulia. Mortgage rates have dropped, which increases long-term affordability for homeowners. Only three of the 100 largest metros — Denver, Miami, and Portland, Oregon — have become less affordable since 1990. Rising …


The 2018 spring equinox has arrived — here’s what it is and how it works

NASA/Flickr The vernal or spring equinox of 2018 happens Tuesday, March 20. Earth’s rotation does not cause equinoxes. Equinoxes occur when Earth’s tilted axis is perpendicular to the sun’s rays. During an equinox at Earth’s equator, the sun appears almost directly overhead. The year’s spring equinox, also called the March or …

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GOLDMAN SACHS: A new ‘scenario worth worrying about’ could cause the next avalanche of selling in the stock market

The recent stock market correction was worsened by a flash crash in illiquid investment products that had bet on low volatility. This flash crash and others during the recovery have occurred against the backdrop of a relatively good economy — and that’s the worrying scenario, according to Charles Himmelberg, Goldman …


A 19-year-old college rugby player has gone missing in Bermuda during a team trip

Bermuda Police A 19-year-old St. Joseph’s University student has gone missing in Bermuda during a team trip. Mark Dombrowski was last seen at a bar early Sunday morning. The team was competing in the Ariel Re Bermuda International 7’s Tournament during the past week and was scheduled to return to …

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Global Trade Disputes Take Center Stage in 2018

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