The Supreme Cat Show 2017

The one-day Supreme Cat Show is one of the largest cat fancy competitions in Europe with over one thousand cats being exhibited. Exhibitors travel from all over to enter their cats into categories including Persian, Semi-Longhair, British, Foreign, Burmese, Oriental, Siamese. (Getty)

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The president of Goldman Sachs says a client he met as a personal trainer in his teens helped shape his entire career

Harvey Schwartz, the president of Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, opened up about a woman named Linda during the most recent episode of “Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.” The 20-plus-year veteran of Wall Street was promoted to president and co-COO at Goldman Sachswhen Gary Cohn was tapped by the White House to lead the …

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BANK OF AMERICA: There’s one area of the stock market that stands above the rest

Out of all the most appealing areas of the US stock market, Bank of America Merrill Lynch identifies biotech as the No. 1 option. The firm likes biotech’s ideal combination of relatively cheap valuation, high expected growth and considerable upside potential.   Right now, it seems like there’s opportunity in the …


Consumer spending has its biggest monthly gain in 8 years

David Zalubowski/AP Consumer spending surged by 1% in the month of September. This is is the largest gain since 2009. The big boost in spending was led by a 14.7% increase in spending for new motor vehicles, many which were destroyed by hurricanes that ravaged the southern US. This news comes as …


Why having surgery later in the day might be better for your health

lorenkerns/Flickr Patients healing from open-heart surgery typically had a better recovery if their surgery had taken place in the afternoon, according to a study. The researchers believe it has to do with the body’s circadian rhythm. The study’s author suggested that the findings indicate that scheduling changes could decrease injury or death. …