RISING STARS: Meet the rockstar Wall Streeters age 35 and under in trading

Sales and trading are not easy businesses to be in.

They take quick decision making, skill, and determination to get ahead, as technology makes humans less relevant and profits for the business continue to dwindle. It’s tough for folks to get ahead.

But we’ve gleaned some of the top 35-and-under Wall Streeters in sales and trading who are way ahead.

As part of our rising stars of Wall Street list, Business Insider sifted through hundreds of nominations of some of Wall Street’s top talent to find those who have stood out in a crowd of thousands.

We came across many talented people, and this list is by no means comprehensive. To be eligible, we asked that nominees be based in or around the New York area, age 35 or under, and distinguished in some way from the pack.

Their roles range in scope, covering research to sales to trading to market infrastructure. But they all represent the future of an ever-changing industry.

Following are Business Insider’s list of the 18 top young Wall Streeters in sales and trading.

Stan Feldman, 28, IEX

At 28, Stan Feldman is the youngest cofounder of IEX, the upstart exchange made famous in Michael Lewis’ hit “Flash Boys.”

As head of the exchange’s business analytics team, Feldman’s trading analysis helps guide the exchange’s strategic decisions. Before joining IEX in 2012, Feldman was an analyst on RBC Capital Markets’ US equities electronic-trading team.

He was also an intern a Nasdaq, a rival of IEX, during the summer of 2009, according to his LinkedIn. Feldman graduated from New York University with a degree in finance, marketing, and mathematics.

Olivia Kelly, 29, OpenDoor

Olivia Kelly, a native of Syracuse, is the VP of Market Support at OpenDoor, a platform for off-the-run US Treasuries and TIPS.

The 29-year-old has spent more than six years working in fixed-income in electronic trading and brokering.

Today she leads a team of six and is responsible for bringing on new clients. Kelly also helped build a new TIPS trading platform, used by nearly a third of OpenDoor’s clients.

OpenDoor, which launched in April, raised $10 million from private investors in June.

Vlad Khandros, 29, UBS

Vlad Khandros, 29, can be best thought of as UBS’ king of liquidity. As the global head of market structure and liquidity strategy, the Ukraine native wears many hats, leading three global teams based in London, New York, and Hong Kong.

Through research and technology, Khandros helps clients handle their order flows and understand the complexity of the markets.

Khandros got his start at the bank six years ago. He came from Liquidnet, a financial-services firm, in 2011, where he left as global cohead of corporate strategy.

Khandros studied economics and political science at Rutgers University.

UBS has a strong equities business, ranking in the top six globally for the first half of 2017, according to data from Coalition. It generated $1.9 billion in equities revenues in the first half. up slightly from the same period a year earlier.

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