18 movies coming out soon that are major Oscar contenders

Fox Searchlight

The Toronto International Film Festival starts on Thursday, which means it’s time for awards season to begin.

That’s right, with all of Hollywood heading to our neighbors in the north, it’s already time to start building the hype for those movies that we’ll be rooting for (or will be tired of hearing about) come Oscar night.

Some of those TIFF titles getting a lot of talk already include the Sundance hit “Call Me By Your Name,” Emma Stone as tennis legend Billy Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes,” and Guillermo del Toro’s latest unique fantasy, “The Shape of Water.”

Here are 18 movies playing at TIFF this year that will be contenders come Oscar time (and coming to a theater near you soon):

‘Battle of the Sexes’ (Release date: September 22)
Fox Searchlight

Coming off a best actress win for “La La Land” at the most recent Oscars ceremony earlier this year, Emma Stone is looking to return to the big night for a second straight year with her portrayal of Billy Jean King. Stone plays the tennis legend in this look back at King’s historic match against male tennis pro Bobby Riggs (played by Steve Carell, who might get some Oscar buzz, too).

‘Breathe’ (Release date: October 13)
Bleecker Street/Participant Media

For the directorial debut of Andy Serkis (Caesar in “The Planet of the Apes” movies), he takes on the inspiring love story of Robin (played by Andrew Garfield) and Diana Cavendish (Claire Foy from Netflix’s “The Crown”). At 28, Robin was diagnosed with polio and given only three months to live. However, he would go on to live into his 60s and become an advocate for the disabled. Garfield has had a knack, of late, for choosing movies that get award attention, and we’ll see if that continues with this one.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ (Release date: November 24)
Sundance Institute

An Oscar contender since having its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, this drama starring Armie Hammer as an American student who falls for the son of the teacher he’s staying with abroad in Italy, comes into TIFF with a lot of hype. That hype is likely to only build.

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