20 photos show the aftermath of devastating flooding in Brazil that killed at least 13 people

Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

  • Flooding in the São Paulo state of Brazil has killed at least 13 people since the weekend, local media reported.
  • The dead include a 1-year-old baby who was buried by a landslide.
  • The situation isn’t over yet, with more rain expected throughout the week.

Widespread flooding in and around Brazil’s largest city of São Paulo has killed at least 13 people since the weekend, and the situation isn’t over yet — with more rain forecast this week.

A handful of the victims drowned while the rest — including a 1-year-old baby —died in mudslides, according to government officials.

While some parts will still flooded early this week, in other towns and cities the water had retreated and citizens began the clean-up process, dragging destroyed furniture and other belongings out onto muddy streets.

Continue to see more dramatic pictures of the flooding.

The São Paulo state of Brazil was hit with torrential rains over the weekend, which resulted in the deaths of 13 people.
Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Source: Folha de S. Paulo

Nearly four inches of rain fell between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon.
Fabio Vieira/FotoRua/NurPhoto via Getty

Source: Reuters

That’s 70% of what was expected to hit the area for the entirety of March, according to authorities.
Amanda Perobelli/Reuters

Source: Reuters

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