8 ways pet lovers can get the most out of their Amazon Prime membership — and spoil their pets

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  • You already use your Amazon Prime membership for free two-day shipping, Subscribe & Save, and more, so why not use the system to spoil your pets?
  • Creating an Amazon profile for your pet will save you 20% off on your first pet food order and give you custom recommendations and deals for products your pet loves.
  • Use features like Subscribe & Save, Dash Buttons, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, plus your Alexa-enabled devices for your pet. Read on to see how!

How does the look on your pet’s face make you feel when you get yet another Amazon package, and it’s not for them? It’s pure disappointment. Instead, you bought yourself another miracle face mask and grass flip-flops (because you live in the city and miss the feel of grass) at 1 a.m. 

You can completely avoid this awkward exchange of looks by using your Amazon Prime membership to benefit your precious pets. (Editor’s note: Don’t stop making those purchases you absolutely need. No one is judging you for your late-night Amazon crimes.) 

In the end, you already pay for your Prime membership, so why not maximize your nickels and dimes? Your pets will thank you instantly, and you can thank us later.

If you haven’t signed up for Prime yet, sign up here and make sure to read on below so your pet can get in on the action as well.

Here are 8 ways to use your Amazon Prime membership for your pets: Create an Amazon pet profile for a 20% discount on your first pet food order
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You probably didn’t know that you can build a profile for your pet in your Amazon account. Once you do that for your dog, cat, fish, bird, horse, reptile, or small animal, you’ll be eligible for a one-time use, 20% off discount on your first pet food order

In addition to that sweet discount, your pet’s profile will be customized by Amazon’s algorithms to suggest coupons, deals, and product recommendations that Amazon thinks your furry (or scaly) friend will love. 

It’s easy. You’ll be asked what type of animal they are, their breed, name, age, weight, and gender. Additionally, you can input their favorite food brands and flavors, toys, and if they have any dietary restrictions or preferences. Shopping for them will become so much easier and they’ll be spoiled more than they already are.

Build a pet profile here and start saving.

Use Amazon Dash Buttons when you can’t get to a pet store
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If you forgot to go to the pet store, or just can’t access one easily, you can use an Amazon Dash Button to quickly order all of your pet’s needs. What once used to be a physical button that you could place on your appliances or home products, is now totally virtual. It allows you to make quick purchases whenever you actually need more of something.

You can add Dash Buttons to your Amazon account for items you purchase frequently with Prime shipping, like dog treats and kitty litter. Using the Amazon mobile app or website on your smart device or your personal computer, one click can reorder everything your pet needs. No entering your shipping and billing address or finding the credit card you want to use — it’s perfect for when you’re in a dash.

Start creating Dash Buttons with your Amazon Prime account.

Use the Subscribe & Save feature for routine pet medications
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While Dash Buttons allow you to order products whenever you need them, the Subscribe & Save feature is perfect for products used on a schedule-basis, like a heartworm medication or flea-and-tick treatment. 

Not only does the Subscribe & Save feature ensure that you’ll have your product exactly when you’ll need them, but it saves you money on eligible pet products. Just filter your search by “Prime” and “Subscribe & Save Eligible,” to instantly save 5% on your purchase or up tp 20% if you purchase five or more products in one month using auto-delivery.

Learn more about Subscribe & Save for your pets.

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