A photographer captured shots of Americans eating dinner for 3 years, and the photos show how different family meal time looks in busy homes across the US

Lois Bielefeld

  • What family meal time looks like in each individual household can vary greatly.
  • It’s something photographer Lois Bielefeld wanted to explore in her series “Weeknight Dinners.”
  • She visited more than 80 households across the Midwest and the South to capture how, what, when, and where people spend dinnertime with their families.
  • Take a look at her series.

Studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of having a set family meal time every day.
Lois Bielefeld

Source: Journal of Adolescent Health

Research has shown that the benefits are especially pronounced in children.
Lois Bielefeld

Source: The Washington Post

Those who regularly eat a daily meal with their families often show higher achievement scores and are generally more physically fit.
Lois Bielefeld

Source: The Washington Post

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