An Amtrak train with 183 passengers was stranded in the snow for more than 36 hours. Here’s what it was like inside.

Carly Bigby/Instagram

  • An Amtrak train in Oregon finally started moving again after being stranded for 36 hours in Oregon.
  • One of the train’s 183 passengers told INSIDER that Amtrak gave them little communication about their situation, and that food was scarce.
  • Some people made it work, and even formed a makeshift kids’ group.

After being stranded for 36 hours, an Amtrak train in Oregon finally finally started moving again on Tuesday morning.

It marks the end of an ordeal where snowy weather and fallen trees forced 183 passengers to be stuck since Sunday. They had little food, and Amtrak gave them almost no information about what would happen to them, one passenger, Carly Bigby, told INSIDER.

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