Apple’s FaceTime has a major bug that lets others listen in on you before you answer the call (AAPL)


  • A newly-discovered bug in Apple’s FaceTime allows a person to secretly hear what someone is saying before they answer the call.
  • The bug affects any iPhone, iPad, or Mac that supports FaceTime. 
  • Business Insider was able to replicate the vulnerability on an iPhone.
  • Apple said it would release a software fix for the bug “later this week.” In the meanwhile, the only thing to do is disable FaceTime entirely in your system settings.

A major privacy flaw in Apple’s FaceTime video chat product has been discovered allowing someone to secretly eavesdrop on another user before they answer the call.

This bug affects any Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac that can run FaceTime. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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