Climate change has created a mutant pufferfish, a poisonous Japanese delicacy that can cost up to $120 per pound and sometimes kill a person in as little as a few hours

Mari Saito/Reuters

  • The Japanese pufferfish, or fugu, a fish best known for its ability to kill a person in as little as a few hours.
  • In the holiday season a fishmonger in Tokyo can sell up to $88,000 worth of the fish on any given day.
  • Although deaths are extremely rare, the danger associated with the fish contributes to its popularity. 
  • But now, climate change is adding a new element of risk: Fishermen are discovering an unprecedented number of a hybrid fugu.
  • Hybrids are no more dangerous than your average lethal pufferfish but can be hard to distinguish from established species.

SHIMONOSEKI, JAPAN (Reuters) — The road, hemmed in on one side by empty warehouses and the other by a concrete seawall, ends abruptly in a desolate parking lot.

Men step out of their cars and into the darkness, then slip behind the sliding doors of a warehouse. Inside, they huddle under floodlights and wait. A clock on the wall ticks to ten past three in the morning.

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