Crushing an egg into your coffee sounds disgusting — but it makes an amazing-tasting drink

Dave Mosher/Business Insider

Americans take their coffee many ways: hot, poured over ice, cold-brewed overnight, and even infused with nitrogen.

Crushing an egg (shell and all), whisking it with freshly ground coffee, and boiling the mixture sounds gross. The result looks terrifying, too — like a hideous swamp creature gurgling in your pot.

However, the umber-red-colored drink that results, called “egg coffee,” is almost free of bitter tannins and packs an extra-strong dose of caffeine.

I first heard about egg coffee from an article by Joy Summers at Eater, which explains how the US recipe came to Minnesota via Scandinavian immigrants. The goal? Turn weak, subpar coffee and hard water into a beverage greater than the sum of its parts.

New York City has great tap water, and you can find high-quality beans pretty much anywhere nowadays. But with the weather cooling and my curiosity piqued, I decided to try brewing my own egg coffee.

Here’s how I made it and what I learned during the process.


I don’t have a stove-top coffee pot, which is ideal, but figured this one-quart pot would do the trick. Recipes for egg coffee vary between cultures, but hot water is a must. I put two cups on to boil.
Dave Mosher/Business Insider

Also required: coffee. Ground varieties from a can reportedly work well, but I used my favorite premium whole-bean roast, since I already had it at home.
Dave Mosher/Business Insider

Source: Eater

One egg coffee recipe I saw called for 20 grams of ground beans, which is enough for two standard cups. So I measured it out…
Dave Mosher/Business Insider

Sources: Home Grounds, Black Bear Coffee

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