Fight pilots have called the shots in the Air Force for a long time, and that may be a big problem for the future

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  • Fight pilots have called the shots in the Air Force some time.
  • But the orientation toward fighter pilots may be hindering the service’s ability to innovate and adjust to new challenges.

The Air Force has been long dominated by y-pilots-decline-bonuses-to-keep-flying-overall-bonus-take-rates-tick-up-slightly/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>fighter pilots at its senior leadership levels, but as careers in the service have become more diverse, a change in promotion preferences may be required to foster the innovation culture that also defines the service.

As it stands, the mass of fighter pilots in high-level leadership roles creates a hierarchy within the service, with fighter pilots first, bombers second and other specializations after, according to a recent Rand study sponsored by the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment.

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