Firefighters rescued more than 100 snakes from a burning house in Texas that the owner had kept as pets

Caney Creek Fire & Rescue

  • Firefighters rescued more than 100 snakes from a burning home in Conroe, Texas, a suburb of Houston, on Saturday. 
  • While the Caney Creek firefighters didn’t ask why there were so many snakes in the home, Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly told INSIDER that they appeared to be the homeowner’s pets. 
  • As of the end of the day of the fire, not a single snake had died from flames or smoke, Flannelly said.
  • The house fire was sparked by lights on a Christmas tree and was preventable, Flannelly said.

More than 100 snakes were rescued from a house fire in a Houston, Texas, suburb over the weekend in what the city’s fire chief called one of the weirdest rescues he’s ever seen.

Caney Creek Fire and Rescue of Conroe, Texas, responded to a house fire on Saturday that was started by a Christmas tree with its lights left on, Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly told INSIDER.

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