Here’s why Apple won’t punish Facebook with the ‘nuclear option’ (AAPL, FB)

Visual China Group, Reuters

  • Tensions are running high between Apple and Facebook.
  • The revelation that Facebook skirted around Apple’s rules to distribute an app that spied on users only added to the animosity.
  • Despite the strains between the two, they’re likely to find a way to continue to get along, at least so far as it comes to having Facebook’s consumer apps in Apple’s App Store.

Facebook appears to have blatantly violated Apple’s rules by convincing some users to install a special iPhone app that collects personal data. 

The revelation, reported by TechCrunch on Tuesday, has caused an outrage among privacy advocates. And it’s spurred speculation that Apple could retaliate with the nuclear option: Banishing the Facebook app from Apple’s app store. 

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