How Doug McMillon went from a high schooler working at Walmart for $6.50 an hour to a millionaire CEO running one of the world’s most powerful companies (WMT)

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  • Walmart CEO Doug McMillon began working for the retailer in high school.
  • McMillon experienced a meteoric ascent in the company, helming Sam’s Club and Walmart International during his rise to the top.
  • McMillon was appointed CEO of Walmart Inc. in 2014.

Walmart has been a major part of Doug McMillon’s life for years.

Back in high school, the future CEO took on a job unloading trucks at the retail chain. While studying for his MBA years later, McMillon decided to return to Walmart. 

He proceeded to rise through the company’s corporate structure and ultimately became the CEO of Walmart Inc. in 2014. His promotion didn’t come as much of a surprise, though. Fortune dubbed him “The Chosen One” in a 2015 profile.

Here’s a look back on the life and career of Walmart CEO Doug McMillon:

Born in Memphis, McMillon has two younger siblings. He spent his childhood in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but the family moved to Bentonville — the beating heart of Walmart’s operations — when he was 16.
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Source: Associated Press

Growing up, McMillon attended church and played varsity basketball. McMillon told Fortune that his parents were supportive and encouraged him to develop a competitive streak.
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Source: Fortune

McMillon took on his first gig at Walmart in 1984, in order to earn money for college. The high school student was responsible for unloading trucks at one of Walmart’s distribution centers.
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Source: Fortune, Associated Press

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