How working from home could backfire

  • Working from home has obvious perks: juggling kids’ schedules, no traffic, and employers gain increased productivity, and lower turnover rates. 
  • But there are less obvious downsides, including isolation and loneliness. 
  • Research also shows working from home is far worse for team cohesion and innovation than working in the office.
  • Another study of home workers from 15 countries found 42% of remote workers had trouble sleeping, compared to only 29% who always worked in the office.
  • Other studies suggest not being in the office regularly can hinder your career, interfere with family life, and increase working time. 

What if you never had to return to work? Never had to return to work at the office, that is.

You’d be able to juggle kids on school holidays. You wouldn’t need to navigate traffic jams. Your employer might gain increased productivity, lower turnover and lower lease costs. But there are less obvious downsides.

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