Intimate photos show what it’s really like to be a modern-day hermit

Ilya Naymushin/ Reuters

  • When you think of hermits, you probably envision someone living in solitude for religious reasons.
  • And while some hermits do live in seclusion from society for this reason, there are other people around the world who live in isolation for different reasons.
  • From former nuns to people who just prefer to live a life of minimalism, here is an inside look into the lives of some modern-day hermits.

From a former nun in the English countryside to an elderly man living naked and alone on an island in Japan, there is no one picture of what a hermit looks like.

Sister Rachel Denton, a former nun and teacher, has been living in solitude in a small English town since 2006. She has pledged to live as a hermit for the rest of her life, though she communicates with the outside world through social media.

Another hermit, Masafumi Nagasaki, took a more extreme approach to the solitary lifestyle. The 82-year-old was the only known resident of a small island off the coast of Japan until he left his life in seclusion for health reasons.

Keep reading for striking photos that show what life is like for Denton, Nagasaki, and more hermits around the globe.

Denton, who lives in a modest house in a village in Lincolnshire, England, begins her days early by praying, feeding her cat, and tending to her vegetable garden.
Neil Hall/ Reuters

Source: Reuters

She usually spends her days praying, reading, and working on her calligraphy business that she runs out of her home.
Neil Hall/ Reuters

Source: Reuters

But Denton’s life isn’t spent entirely in solitude. She owns several chickens and cats that keep her company.
Neil Hall/ Reuters

Source: Reuters

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