It looks like the National Enquirer is using Amazon’s cloud to host its website (AMZN)

Marion Curtis/AP

  • The National Enquirer appears to host its website with Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing arm of Amazon.
  • The pairing is an awkward match.
  • The Enquirer last month exposed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ affair with a former TV anchor.
  • On Thursday, Bezos accused the Enquirer of attempting to ‘extort and blackmail’ him, using intimate photos of the executive as leverage. 

Politics, as they say, makes for strange bedfellows. So too, it seems, does web hosting.

The National Enquirer, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos accused Thursday of trying to extort and blackmail him, appears to host its website on the servers of Amazon Web Services, the tech giant’s cloud computing unit.

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