Oculus showed off a new design for its premium VR headset, but its features are not very ambitious (FB)


  • Oculus has announced the Oculus Rift S, an updated model of its Oculus Rift headset designed for use with personal computers.
  • Starting at $399, the Oculus Rift S promises better visuals, improved tracking and a more comfortable headset design.
  • The Oculus Rift S will be compatible with existing Rift software, and will share new content with the original device.
  • Oculus will release the Rift S and the standalone Oculus Quest headset during Spring 2019; the official dates have not been confirmed.

Oculus has revealed the Oculus Rift S, an update to the company’s flagship virtual reality headset. The Oculus Rift S offers enhanced visuals compared the original Rift, improved tracking with no external sensors, and a new halo headband design similar to the PlayStation VR headset.

The Oculus Rift S will launch later this Spring for $399, and will still require a PC for use. The company’s standalone VR headset, the Oculus Quest, which has also been priced at $399 will launch later this Spring as well. Both headsets will make use of the Oculus Touch controllers.

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