Slain missionary John Chau reportedly attended training camp where mock villagers had ‘fake spears’ and spoke ‘gibberish’

JohnAChau/Instagram via Reuters

  • John Chau, the 26-year-old missionary who was killed after traveling to a remote island, reportedly attended an intensive training camp in Kansas to prepare for his mission, according to The New York Times.
  • Chau also received emergency medical training and studied linguistics to prepare.
  • He was reportedly warned numerous times that he could be killed.

John Chau, the 26-year-old missionary that was killed after traveling to the remote North Sentinel Island to make contact with a nearly untouched tribe, had reportedly trained at an intensive camp to prepare, according to a report from The New York Times.

The three-week training, run by a group called “All Nations in Kansas,” seemed tailor-made for the mission that Chau would eventually embark on. One notable exercise included being blindfolded, dropped off in a remote location, and encountering a faux-tribe that carried fake spears and spoke gibberish. 

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