The cofounder of Refinery29 explains how she built a global media brand that reaches 425 million people a year


  • Christene Barberich is the cofounder and editor in chief of Refinery29.
  • Refinery29 is a lifestyle and news media company primarily for young women.
  • Across all of its global sites, social media accounts, and events, Refinery said it will reach 425 million people this year.
  • Barberich said her greatest lessons as a leader have been around learning when to pass on responsibilities and finding what keeps her the most engaged.

Christene Barberich is the cofounder and CEO of Refinery29, a media company focused on empowering women by starting conversations about body image, politics, and careers. Refinery29 said it would connect with 425 million people this year across its site, social media, videos, and live events.

Before founding Refinery in 2005 — with Philippe von Borries, Justin Stefano, and Piera Gelardi — Barberich spent her career in media and helped build the scrappy City magazine. The lessons she learned there gave her the confidence she needed to take on Refinery 29, which would turn out to be a more ambitious project than anyone expected.

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