The first ‘groundbreaking’ pictures of a black hole may be unveiled on Wednesday. Here’s what scientists think those images will look like.

Event Horizon Telescope/Hotaka Shiokawa

  • The Event Horizon Telescope, which endeavors to photograph black holes, is making a “ground-breaking” announcement on Wednesday.
  • Scientists expect the announcement will unveil the first-ever pictures of a black hole‘s “shadow” caused by its event horizon, or point-of-no-return for light.
  • The images could be of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, called Sagittarius A*, or an even larger black hole at the center of galaxy M87.
  • Computer-simulated images offer a clue as to what to expect.
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The first-ever pictures of a black hole will likely be unveiled on Wednesday morning. If you’re anxious to know what those pictures might look like, astrophysicists say computer simulations offer a reasonable preview.

Since 2006, radio telescopes around the globe have worked together to resolve dark, hulking, and important beasts that lurk at the centers of two different galaxies.

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