The Titans tried an onside kick on the opening play of the season — and it failed miserably

Ed Zurga/AP

The Tennessee Titans are expected to make a jump into becoming a postseason team this year, but their first play of the year did not go as planned.

To kick things off against the Oakland Raiders, the Titans tried an onside kick — and the Raiders recovered it at the 50-yard line.

From there, the Raiders put together nearly a perfect drive, getting a solid 14-yard carry from a spry-looking Marshawn Lynch, a completion to tight end Jared Cook, then a short pass to Amari Cooper, who bulldozed his way into the end zone.

Here’s the touchdown:

Historically, the onside kick to open the season has not been very successful:

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The @Titans are the first team since the 2009 Vikings (also unsuccessful) to open the season with an onside kick

Credit to the Titans for trying to make things interesting, but giving a dynamic offense like the Raiders a short field is perhaps not the best idea.

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