Too Faced’s new ‘Better Than Sex’ liquid eyeliner is one of the easiest products I’ve ever used — and I wear eye makeup every day

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  • On March 17, Too Faced released the $21 Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner.
  • The eyeliner is said to be waterproof, smudge resistant, flake proof, long-lasting, and intensely pigmented. The brand also claims the product is the “easiest you’ll ever use.”
  • After trying the product myself, I was impressed overall. Its formula is opaque, easy to use, and lasted a full day without fading.
  • However, in my experience, the product smudged after a full day of wear. And in my opinion, $21 is a bit pricey.
  • Still, I found the eyeliner worked well with other products, like glitter and neon eye shadows.

As someone who wears winged eyeliner every day, I’ve gone through more tubes of eye makeup than I can count. Still, I’ve yet to find a product that does exactly what I need.

So when I heard that Too Faced would be releasing the Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner, I was intrigued to learn more. After all, it’s named after one of the brand’s best-selling items, the Better Than Sex mascara.

Here’s what the Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner was like to use.

Right off the bat, I was thrilled to see a ton of instructions printed boldly on the packaging.
Amanda Krause/INSIDER

The sleek box was easy to read, and provided all the information I needed to use the eyeliner. It was also reminiscent of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara.

The Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner is available in a single shade: “Deepest Black.”
Amanda Krause/INSIDER

While the shade happens to be my go-to color, others might prefer something different, like brown, or lighter shades of black. I’d love to see Too Faced release more options in the future.

Too Faced claims its new eyeliner is “the easiest you’ll ever use.”
Amanda Krause/INSIDER

One stroke of the liquid eyeliner is said to create an “intense black line” that lasts 24 hours. The product also claims to be waterproof, non-fading, flake proof, smudge proof, and intensely pigmented.

At first, I was willing to believe every claim except the first one: that it’s the easiest eyeliner you’ll ever use. I’ve been using similar products for years, and still struggle to create a perfect wing. Based on the provided information, I couldn’t tell what would make this eyeliner easier to use than others.

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