Trump just wished the wrong Lee Greenwood a happy birthday on Twitter

President Donald Trump wished Lee Greenwood, the writer and singer of “God Bless the USA” a happy birthday, but initially tagged the wrong Lee Greenwood on Twitter.

Instead of tagging Melvin Lee Greenwood, who turned 75 on October 27 and goes by @TheLeeGreenwood on Twitter, Trump tagged @LeeGreenwood83, a lawyer and DC sports fan. The president later deleted the tweet and issued one tagging the musician.

The Lee Greenwood first tagged by Trump appears to have protested Trump’s Muslim ban in late January and retweeted an article critical of Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey in May.

Lee Greenwood the artist performed his hit song at Trump’s inauguration.

Here’s Trump’s Friday morning tweet tagging the wrong Lee Greenwood:


And the updated one tagging the singer:

Tweet Embed:
Happy birthday to the great @TheLeeGreenwood. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Watch Trump singing along to “God Bless the USA” at his inauguration:

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