How do you draw an X? Twitter is divided over it.

Draw an X. I'll wait.

Now, how did you go about it? The left stroke first, downward, then the right, or the right stroke first, upward? Turns out there are multiple ways.

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The question of how folks instinctively draw an X has gone viral, thanks to a thread by Twitter user @SMASEY. It's divided Twitter in a way we haven't seen since the whole Yanny/Laurel debate of 2018. 

"Which way do you draw an X?" she asked, presenting eight possibilities, each showing a different colour for the first stroke and arrows indicating the direction of the strokes.

> Also this is so interesting to me – which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke
> — sixers smasey (@SMASEY) January 20, 2019

Some people were confident in their answer, others less so. Many, like myself, weren't even really aware there were multiple ways to draw an X — for the record, I'm a seven.

> 5!
> There are other ways?
> — Hannah Wilks (@newballsplease) January 20, 2019

> 5️⃣
> Why would I finish opposite to where my pen needs to go next?
> — Steve Curtis (@curtisteve) January 20, 2019

> Is there anyone who doesn't do a 7/8?
> — Ngonidzashe (@Ngonijay95) January 20, 2019

> 8.
> People who draw bottom to top are also the ones that put their toilet paper on the holder the wrong way.
> — Eddie (@NinjaJenssen) January 20, 2019

> Depending on if you're right or left handed it should be 7 or 8. What kind of sick person draws an X any other way
> — Aokiji クザン (@DukeOfZamunda) January 20, 2019

> me realising there are other ways to draw an 'x'
> — Shego (@LadyBellatrix) January 20, 2019

> sat here testing myself
> — ً (@bcfchxrry) January 20, 2019

Which way do you X?

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